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Through the Eyes of the Insiders In the novel In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, the author displays how the lives of the people who live in Holocomb are severely contrast than the lives of Dick and Perry. Capote has a way of letting the readers know by his text who is telling their story from their view, whether its insiders from Holocomb, including its citizens and law enforcement or Dick and Perry or their parents or relatives. It is obvious to realize who is telling their story by who they say they are and the way they speak. The people of Holocomb tend to speak in a way that is of concern and question and unknowingly hostile towards Dick and Perry. Dick and Perry on the other hand, talk more about their need to escape and their childhood. …show more content…

Days before they committed the murder, Dick and Perry met up and Dick made the choice of going into the Clutters’ household, invading their safe to get money and killing the Clutters. Many months later, the two men are caught in Las Vegas, put in jail for interrogation, brought back to Kansas for their verdict and then to finally be executed. While being brought back to Kansas, Perry shared with officer Duntz and Dewey what happened on the night of November 15, saying that “ He [Dick] was holding...knife to Dick” (Capote 244). This quote goes in depth of who and how the killing of the Clutter family really happened. In other words, Perry did the killing while Dick’s main goal was to question the Clutters about where the safe was, get the money and watch Perry kill the Clutters. Even though Dick said that he planned to kill the Clutters himself, he only wanted to rob them because he had heard of the safe that Floyd Wells had told him about and was thinking that killing the Clutters would only be an option if they were too stubborn to tell him the location of the safe. Dick may have watched Perry kill the Clutters but Dick never stopped him from doing so, making it seem like it was all Perry’s doing. The reason for Perry putting in the effort to kill the Clutters could be because he felt pressured due to the lie that Perry told him about killing a black man,

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