Incarceration And Confinement In Orange Is The New Black

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Plainly put, incarceration is the state of imprisonment or confinement to prison. Yet, there is more to incarceration than meets the eye. The public knows that when an individual commits a crime that individual is arrested, brought to trial, if guilty he or she is incarcerated, and then released. However, no one ever really questions what occurs between the initial day of incarceration and an individual's release. The memoir, Orange is the New Black:My Year in A Women's Prison, a true story written by Piper Kerman, further verifies the true nature of incarceration and the nervousness that surrounds re-entry. As of 1980, the United States' state and federal prison population has propelled itself from 300,000 to 1.6 million (CITE 7). How could …show more content…

Probation only sentencing encompasses thirty-three months of probation supervision (CITE 3 227). Probation combined with confinement involves thirty-three months of probation preceded by six months of confinement (CITE 3 227). Prison along with community confinement entails about nine months in prison followed by six months of community confinement (CITE 3 227). The majority of confinements are held in the home, but may also take place in a community treatment center or halfway house (CITE 3 227). These alternatives, in my opinion, would be more beneficial to the incarcerated. They offer more diverse options than simply being locked in a cell for years, decades, or one's entire life. I'll also bet that these alternate sanctions are even better at aiding the incarcerated in reflecting on their crimes than any prison or jail cell ever …show more content…

Fifty-four months for Internet fraud is an extreme amount of time to reflect on fraudulent Internet transactions. Likewise, one month for sexual assault is an extremely short amount of time to reflect on an action of such force against another individual. In addition, especially with the obvious increase in incarceration in the United States since 1980(CITE 7), it seems that the United States' criminal justice system is incarcerating individuals just for the sake of incarceration, yet this is not helping to reduce America's crime

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