Industrial Revolution Dbq Analysis

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Industrial Revolution The Industrial revolution was a time that changed the life of people worldwide. During this revolution many ideas and inventions were made, improving the quality of life for the past generation and the current generation. While some might argue that Industrialization had primarily negative consequences for society because we do but, it was actually a positive thing for society. Industrialization’s positive effects were production increase, more variety of jobs, and improvements on technology. Production increase helped improve our society. Industrial revolution has positive effects on production increasing. The assembly line is when “five people, each specializing in one of the five steps, can make ten units in the …show more content…

The assembly line “One person doing all five required steps in manufacturing a product can make one unit [, while five people specializing in one of the five steps can make ten units in the same amount of time”] (Document 4). This applies to more jobs being available because they needed more people in order to make more vehicles so they can make more money faster. The production rate made it cheaper for people to buy. People are working “in this landscape which shows a factory is in business” (Document 3). In this landscape it can be implied that many workers are there because of the many windows and smoke coming from the top. The Factories near houses make jobs more available to the surrounding people, thus giving them a variation of work. Mary Paul “thinks that the factory is the best place for [her] and if any girl wants employment, [she] advise[s] them to come to Lowell” (Document 1). This shows that she is giving a good review to the place she works at so more people will apply to where the company makes more money. She must like her job a lot to say to come work at Lowell. Having a job means having money which means having a home to pay for and means being able to buy food, clothing, etc while improving technology gives us a better

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