Informative Essay About Marijuana

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Marijuana is a drug extracted from Cannabis Sativa (hemp plant). In other words, marijuana is also called cannabis, hemp, and herb; in slang terms it is called weed, hash, joint, blunt, Mary Jane, etc. Marijuana is known to be used for medical as well as recreational purposes. It is a drug which alters the mood of a person, induces calmness and is used by certain medical institutions as a form of pain reliever. It can be consumed by smoking, vaporizing or by mixing it in food items. Ksir, 2004 mentions that there are over 400 chemicals in marijuana. The main active part of cannabis is DELTA-9 TETRAHYDRO-CANNABINOL, commonly known as THC. It is THC that causes the feeling of intoxication and relaxation, otherwise known as “high”. Ksir, 2004 also mentions that THC is the element that causes marijuana to be classified as a drug. Consuming of cannabis in various forms such as a blunt (cigarette), hash, etc. gives a sense of euphoria and causes difference in how a person perceives what is going on around him/her. There is a vast difference between the latest science findings about marijuana and the myths surrounding it. Cannabis has been consumed for a very long amount of time. Medically, marijuana is known to be used for treatment of chronic pain, muscle spasticity, anorexia, nausea and sleep disturbances. Davis, 2017 mentions in her article that some studies have found that THC can cure nausea and vomiting- it may have qualities that may help people going through chemotherapy

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