Informative Speech On Weepy-Voiced Killer

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Have you heard of the Weepy Voiced Killer? Well, I bet you haven’t heard of Paul Michael Stephan. He is the real killer. He was born in Austin. Paul Michael Stephan was known as “the Weepy Voiced Killer.” He gets this name when he confessed to the police with this sad and scared voice. His main tools for killing were an ice pick and a knife. He chose to confess when he was going to die of cancer. Why do you think he confessed?

Would you like to hear about the victims from the weepy-voiced killer? Well, I am going to tell you all about him. The first victim was Karen Potack who was attack on New Years Eve in 1980. She survived but suffering a brain trauma. The second victim was Kimberly Compton but she wasn’t so lucky. She was stabbed to death.

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