Intellectual Empathy In Sold By Patricia Mccormick

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“A person who doesn’t understand both sides of an issue can’t relate to the side he is trying to sway, so his words will bounce off of them without leaving any impression” by Daniel Willey. There are two sides to people as well as two side to an issue. If no one understands one side to a person, then no one will ever understand why that person has done something. Sold is about a young Nepali girl who is sold off to prostitution in India. This novel is by Patricia McCormick. Intellectual empathy is an awareness of the need to see the reasons why someone did something and understand them. There are a few people throughout the novel that a person can feel empathetic towards. Many, if not all, feel empathy toward Lakshmi but there are other characters as well. While feeling empathetic to Lakshmi, people could also relate to her stepfather, Shilpa, and Monica.
Lakshmi’s stepfather could be an example of intellectual empathy. He’s not necessarily good, but he’s also not all bad. …show more content…

. . My stepfather scowls, but he does not say anything. On any other day, he would not tolerate such defiance, especially from a mere girl” (McCormick 54-55). After he sold Lakshmi, he is tolerates her defiance and accepts it. He’s not the only other one in the novel that people can feel compassionate towards.
Despite being mean and nasty, Shilpa sometimes speaks the truth. Shilpa can receive a few condolences just because she was brought into this life as well. “‘Her mother was in this business and now she is in the business. It is the family trade. She was raised differently than most girls. She was brought into the prostitution world at a young age and is trusted by Mumtaz. Shilpa drinks to feel better. She doesn’t have a nice life. Not the only girl, Shilpa and Monica both caused trouble for

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