Into The Great Wide Open Argument

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Into The Great Wide Open “The sky was the limit”. This quote by Tom Petty represents that Eddie has endless possibilities. A young man by the name of Eddie, just graduated high school, he moved to Hollywood, met a girl, makes music. No one would stop Eddie from being successful. The sky was the limit. Tom Petty’s narrative poem titled, “Into The Great Wide Open” tells the story of a young adult looking to seek fame and fortune by making music, using a shifting tone in an unrealistic manner. “Into The Great Wide Open” delineates the rise and fall of Eddie, a young man who is trying to seek fame and fortune in the music industry. Eddie is an eighteen year old who just graduated high school. He moves to Hollywood in order to fulfill his destiny in making it big in the music industry. He meets a girl who shares the same hobby as him which is music. They both move into the same place and she teaches him to play the guitar. Eddie got a job as a bouncer. The papers said Eddie always played from his heart, which is likely why he made it to the spotlight. Eddie and his girlfriend both made a hit that made it to the charts. Unfortunately one day their A&R man said, “I don’t hear a single’ which means their song …show more content…

“Into The Great Wide Open” by Tom Petty is told in an unrealistic manner. First, Eddie immediately moves to Hollywood right out of highschool. In reality, it takes a few months to get ready to move out far, its an unrealistic time frame. Second, is he immediately started making money as soon as he moved to Hollywood. In reality a person must get a good job, and have a decent amount of money saved up. Third, Eddie only made one song and was already partying with celebrities and his song also immediately went onto the charts. For someone to make a hit it must be heard by many people and also well-known by many, therefore this story is told in a somewhat unrealistic

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