Irony In The False Gems

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Ironies in The False Gems D01夏春雨 As an active form of literature device,irony involves a discrepancy between what is anticipated to be true and what is actually true.Irony is used throughout Guy de Maupassant’s The False Gems.Next,I’ll analysis some of them. Mr.Lantin found fault with only two of his wife’s tastes:Her love for the theatre,and her taste for imitation jewelry.May be Mr.Lantin doesn’t like theatre himself,or maybe he think going to theatre is the waste of money,so he doesn’t want his wife to go to theatre.He doesn’t like his wife’s taste of imitation jewelry because he thinks that as she can’t afford to buy real jewelry,she should appear adorned with her beauty and modesty alone.Ironically,if Mr.Lantin knew the truth of Mrs.Lantin’s love of the theatre and the “imitation jewelry”,he would not just consider them as faults,and he would be very angry with her. Mrs.Lantin agreed to go theatre without obliging her husband to accompany her,and it made Mr.Lantin infinite delighted.Mr.Lantin’s absence gave a chance to Mrs.Lantin to start her affair.If Mr.Lantin knew this,he would not be delighted. “Mrs.Lantin lavished the most delicate attentions on her husband,coaxed and fondled him.”It seems Mrs.Lantin loved her husband very much,but her behaviors which contain her “love” are just used to make Mr.Lantin love her so that he couldn’t perceive her affair. “What can I do?I am so fond of jewelry.It is my only weakness.We cannot change our
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