Is Macbeth Alive Or Alive

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There are two ways people react when someone dies, one way is they are grieving for their loss or they are happy that the person died. Many readers can make the argument that literature characters are worth more alive than dead, because they still have a part in the play or in a film overall. Well, my argument is that dead characters have the most significant part of the play Macbeth. William Shakespeare wrote the tragic play entitled Macbeth in order to make readers realize that a literature character can be alive, but are worth more dead. If a character dies throughout the play it can make the readers more intrigued into reading more, the characters are able to fulfil a prophecy, but also in the real-life world such as celebrities.
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For example: John Lennon was shot and killed. Once he was shot and killed, fans suddenly bought his music after his comments about being “greater than god”. This connects with Macbeth because the death of King Duncan’s death actually made the outcome more interesting. If John Lennon wasn’t killed in a tragic way he perhaps wouldn’t have the same reaction. The way a person dies also determines if they are are more important dead than alive. In Macbeth, it wasn’t all about him killing Banquo, and King Duncan but also about Macbeth’s death. Even though, Macbeth was alive throughout the play, his death at the end was more impacting than the others deaths throughout the play of Macbeth. Macbeth’s prophecy came true, but even though he accomplished his mission to become king he carried all of the guilt with him. At the end Macbeth accepts that fact that he is going to die, because MacDuff wasn’t born by a woman and because Birnam Forest was moving towards the castle. According to an article entitled Tempestuous Turbulence in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth it states “ Storms and tragedies might look natural a phenomenon. Shakespearean hero is impacted by the overwhelming conditions as the storms run the creation dry of life. Regrettably, the hero turns out to be just a natural piece, and struck by reality of pain and consumed by his nerves, loses courage and fails everyone. He supremely lacks the undaunted spirit that permeates a spiritually cultivated being, pursuing the art of living.” This indicates that Shakespeare had some similarities with different plays, but it also shows how Macbeth lets his ambition takes the best of him making him kill Duncan, Macduff’s family, and Banquo and eventually leading him to his own
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