Is Macbeth To Blame For Duncan's Death Analysis

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The Most to Blame for King Duncan’s Death In William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth it talks about a hero coming back from a viscous battle, from a group of rebels trying to take over the castle that the king’s lives in. After the hero comes back from a bloody battle he encounters three witches that tell him that he will have three titles one in the past thane of Glamis, one in the present thane of Cawdor, and one in the future king. After the witches tell Macbeth about the prophecy he gets the idea of wanting to be the new king and feels that Duncan should isn’t fit to be the king. After Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have a brief argument on wither Macbeth should kill Duncan. They finally come to a conclusion that they should and they form a plan to kill him. After the king is killed by Macbeth he feels regret, but the person most responsible for king Duncan’s death is Macbeth. …show more content…

Early on in the story it is revealed that Macbeth wants to become the king after listening from the prophecy told by the three wyrd witches. One example is when Macbeth says” Two predictions have come true. The First towards the ultimate goal, the throne!” (1.3.130-135). That proves that Macbeth has a lot of ambition to become the new king and to over throne Duncan. Another quote from Macbeth that shows his sole desire to become king is when he says “If fate says I’ll be king well fate may crown me, without my help” (1.3. 140-145). This kind of line indicates that he is trying to become the new king if something where to happen to King

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