Is Mayella Sympathetic

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In to Kill a Mockingbird Scout started as an innocent girl that lived in the south during the great depression that didn 't know much about life. She started to understand more over time in the book, especially during the trial of Tom Robinson.She notice that life wasn 't fair and that there is some people that she couldn 't understand their way of thinking.She sees people such as the Ewells that are some repugnant people. Harper Lee does a great job at making me feel sympathetic for Mayella because of her appearance of scared and fragile.“she seemed somehow fragile-looking, but when she sat facing us in the witness chair she became what she was, a thick-bodied girl accustomed to strenuous labor”.Mayella is looking fragile for what she has been to.She is trying to get the audience to think she is fragile, but she is no easy to handle the girl.She has been through a lot and nobody in her house helps her with the hard work around.She needs someone to help her and Tom Robinson tried to because he felt sorry for her.Although she might seem that she is trying to play the audience,her whole life has been in awful abused. …show more content…

Harper Lee does a great job at making me feel sympathetic for Mayella because of her lack of education and the life she has been to.“Long’s he keeps on calling‘ me ma’am an sayin’ Miss Mayella. I don’t hafta take his sass, I ain’t called upon to take it.” She lives in this horrible place where she has never been called ma 'am.She is just trying to look like if she was an innocent girl. She lives near the dump and has very little or no education.Her brothers have no education and never help her do anything and she doesn 't know what ma 'am mean show that she lives in a horrible world.She is an innocent girl bit by her dad and sexually abused by him that doesn 't know anything about life out of that horrible place they

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