Isolation In Macbeth And The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Setting of Isolation in Macbeth and The Great Gatsby The setting of isolation is present within the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The two authors create the setting of isolation which impact certain characters in the written pieces. The setting of East Egg, in The Great Gatsby, and the setting of Inverness, in Macbeth, represent power and corruption. F. Scott Fitzgerald incorporates the setting of isolation in East Egg that affects characters in The Great Gatsby, such as Daisy Buchanan, East Egg residents, and Tom Buchanan. Shakespeare also uses the setting of isolation in Inverness to develop characters in Macbeth, which include Lady Macbeth, the upper class, and Macbeth. Both authors use the …show more content…

Firstly, Daisy Buchanan and Lady Macbeth have similarities. Both women are commit murder and isolate themselves from the truth. Daisy keeps quiet about hitting Myrtle with the vehicle, while Lady Macbeth is silent after helping Macbeth murder King Duncan. Although, the characters react to the similar situations differently. While Daisy moves on with her life and does not express her feelings, Lady Macbeth reacts differently. Lady Macbeth feels guilty and regret after killing Duncan (5.1.69-71).In addition, the residents of East Egg in The Great Gatsby share similarities with the higher class in Macbeth. Both settings obtain powerful and fraudulent characters, such as Tom Buchanan and Macbeth. The character use their power and corruption which are affected by the setting of …show more content…

When the story begins, Macbeth truly is a “peerless kinsman” to the king (1.4.66); however, as the story progresses others refer to him in this way only because they are oblivious to his true desire” (Balwan 3).
As Balwan states, Macbeth has as significant change due to the so call “power” of being king. While Macbeth transitions to a new form of character, he isolates himself from Lady Macbeth. As the power increases, Macbeth is determined to kill. While Lady Macbeth persuades him into killing King Duncan, Macbeth proceeds to murder his dear friend Banquo, and Macduff’s family without tell Lady Macbeth. Macbeth uses his power to manipulate other characters within the play. Furthermore, Macbeth is very secretive while committing these murders. The power of kinsman, and the prophecies reveal the worst of Macbeth. In conclusion, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Shakespeare create the setting of isolation to affect the majority of the characters within the written pieces. The two authors incorporate the setting to enhance the effectiveness of the works. F. Scott Fitzgerald creates the setting which develops Daisy Buchanan, the residents of East Egg, and Tom Buchanan. Shakespeare also constructs the setting to evolve characters, such as, Lady Macbeth, the upper class, and Macbeth. The two authors incorporate the setting of isolation in a variety of scenarios, both similar and

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