The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Essay

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The ultimate setting of a story creates an atmosphere for the plot and characters. This atmosphere can change over time, evolving characters and influencing their behavior, or remain stagnant and still have the same effect. Jay Gatsby, from The Great Gatsby, Abigail Williams, The Crucible, and Emilia, Othello, all three display idea that the society a character develops in and the setting of a story can shape them into becoming a victim, villain, or venerable (respectively).
Different from the ‘Great” in the title name, and argument can be made for Gatsby to be an illusive victim. Chapter 1 of The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, displays how people of the novel live their lives. The two villages, East and West egg, determine one’s stature in the world. Of course, to be considered a somebody, Gatsby knows he has to live in one of these two places, especially if he ever wants to be with reunited with Daisy. Although he does see Daisy again it does not go as planned, and other plot elements lead him to his death, mostly because of society’s influence on Gatsby’s …show more content…

From his play, Othello, the character Emilia represents his skill well. Women in Shakespearean times were, for the most part, treated inferior to men. Emilia presented a women who followed society’s rules and submitted to her abusive husband. Not only was Emilia treated poorly by her husband, but also had a lot of secrets to keep from some of the people she was becoming very close with. Throughout the play she gains the courage to tell the truth, in Act V Scene ii Emilia reveals the truth about all of Iago’s villainous actions knowing that it could cost her her life, and it does. Notably sacrificing her life in order for Othello to know the truth makes her an extremely honored character. Not only did she sacrifice her life, but also broke the norm of women keeping

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