The Great Gatsby Dbq Essay

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During the 1920’s, many people were power-hungry. They all wanted to be at the top and be the richest of the rich and be able to buy whatever they want.The 1920’s was a time where people were able to go from rags to riches, industries were growing and making money, and it was also the era of the Prohibition, a law that banned alcohol. “The Great Gatsby” was able to reflect on noticeable and non-noticeable aspects of the 1920’s. It reflects on the postwar disillusionment, the rise of the nouveau riche, and how business became the new religion for the United States. In the 1920’s, World War 1 had just ended, but it left many Americans different from how it used to be. In Document A, it says, “They could not endure a life without values, and the only values they had been trained to understand being undermined.”(Allen). This …show more content…

With new buildings being built and more factories to run, businesses were starting to expand. Business will always have different steps of levels and the people or person at the top level will always be the one making the most money. According to Document E, Allen wrote, “...Business had become almost the national religion of America.” In another chapter, Allen says, “It is doubtful if any college undergraduate. . . of any other previous period in the United States could have said “No intelligent person believes in God any more” as blandly as undergraduates said it. . . during the ‘twenties.” This shows how business is taking over and how people are beginning to view it at such a high pedestal that only a few could climb on. In “The Great Gatsby” on Document F , George Wilson says, “God see everything.” When George says this, he isn’t referring to God as God, he refers to a billboard of the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg as God. The billboard is a business. “The Great Gatsby” is implying that business has taken over

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