The Great Gatsby Quotes And Analysis Essay

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1. Three things in the first chapter that prove the setting of the story is England, 1843 are the following: “Saint Paul’s Churchyard” (3),“The treadmill and the Poor Law” were part of England’s English Poor Laws (7), “Scrooge had as little of what is called fancy about him as any man in the city of London” (9). 2. The characters that have been introduced so far have been Scrooge’s nephew Fred, Marley’s ghost (Marley was his business partner), the Portly Gentlemen who ask Scrooge if he wishes to donated, and his clerk Bob who works for him. 3. Scrooge’s life is inconsistent with his wealth as he is a greedy and selfish person. Although he has an abundant wealth he chooses to not give as the gentlemen had asked him for a contribution in order …show more content…

Quote: “The cold within him froze his older features” Device: Metaphor Purpose: Metaphorically speaking, the narrator emphasizes how the “cold” transformed him into a bitter and discontent person who no longer has emotions nor feels empathy towards others. Quote: “Scrooge knew he was dead?” Device: Rhetorical Question Purpose: It is not a literal question, rather it is utilized to emphasize that Scrooge, as his partner and friend, he was well aware of his death. Quote: “from the emotion he had undergone, or the fatigues of the day, or his glimpse of the invisible world, or the dull conversation of the Ghost, or the lateness of the hour” Device: Anaphora/Repetition Purpose: By repeating the word “or” the narrator creates an ongoing effect Marley’s sufferings as part of his punishment. Quote: “It is a ponderous chain!” Device: Symbolism Purpose: The purpose of Marley mentioning the chain and giving the reader a descriptive and vivid imagery of it is to emphasize how the chain represented the weight that it brought upon himself of his longing regrets due to his greediness and avaricious

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