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Living the American Dream, a once in a lifetime experience. That’s how it’s depicted in The Great Gatsby, like in real life you must be lucky to live the American Dream. Yet, that experience can slip right out of your hands with today’s society. Fitzgerald’s vision of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby is similar to today’s ideals as it was influenced by American history, depicts the hardships, different ideas of the American Dream, lack of mobility, and inequalities in society. Like in real life, the character’s actions were influenced by historical events.For instance, during the 1920’s it was a “pretty tumultuous time due to increased immigration” historic wise (Source A). This matters as in chapter 1 of the Great Gatsby it is referenced …show more content…

During chapter 5, Gatsby is showing Daisy his house and ends up flaunting to her all the designer clothes he has. Insisting if she wanted one expansive brand over the other, to the point that Daisy begins to cry. Showing how one may not view the idea of the “American Dream” the same as another individual. The significance of this is the fact that both characters want a “better life”, yet seem to not have the same interpretation of the “american dream as daisy begins to cry at the fact that she knows that her “better life” is staying with Tom for the sake of her daughter, but Gatsby’s idea of the better life is having daisy be with him and to live a even more luxurious life. Correlation to how today’s idea of the “american dream” differs from person to person. A parent may view the “american dream” as living in a mansion and being able to afford every brand out there. While the child of that parent may view the “american Dream” as making enough money to make ends meet. As seen in source C, many individuals have different views on the American Dream. Some are optimistic and others are negative, yet they all shared the same want, something “better”. This means that there are different stand points when it comes to the American dream. Some may be coming from a political standpoint or a belief stand point and are making statements about the American dream, like Tom does during chapter …show more content…

According to source E, “two landmark studies released earlier this year concluded that mobility is worse in the U.S. than in many other developed countries, but has not changed significantly over time. Researchers found significant differences in mobility across the nation. Those who live in areas with higher economic growth and better schools have a greater chance to climb the economic ladder.” Proving that even as the years pass, the lack of mobility to climb the ladder in the 1920’s is still prevalent and that it’s still the biggest obstacle dreamers face when trying to reach the American Dream. This connects to the great gatsby because during the great gatsby, Myrtle tries her hardest to be part of the higher social classes. Ultimately, failing as she was hit and killed by the rich. Making her hard work useless. Myrtle being hit and killed by the rich was to symbolize how in society then, and today, people will stop at nothing if it means getting the “american Dream”. Based on Source C, many had the same stories when trying to achieve the american Dream, “An initial confusion, a quick and visceral listing of failings, of disappointments, of things not achieved, only to be redefined moments later, perhaps out of embarrassment, because everybody is supposed to have dreams[..].” Exposing the mobility issue not only in the United States, but all over the world. Hard work will only get you so far

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