Daisy's Role In The Great Gatsby

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The importance of reading The Great Gatsby is shown through how the women were treated in the 1920s through their status of the women caring about wealth and acceptance, and how the women use their beauty as an advantage in order to live a better life, and their unique personalities and attitudes of the women reflect and construct the American Dream. All ranks of social status are read in the novel from the women in the novel, there is a gap of wealth and acceptance. How their differences creates hope within citizens of Americans that the dream is possible. How Daisy was born into a wealthy family and her status represents the goal of the American Dream that everyone wants to achieve. This also interpret the American dream by not working hard for it, and how Daisy is lucky to be born into a wealthy family and she did not have to do the hard work. The originality of the American dream is to work hard and great success comes after all the hard work. Daisy ability to maintain her status within the books proves that wealth and power is in the dream is stable. "I've been everywhere and seen everything and done everything.' Her eyes flashed around her in a defiant way... 'God, I'm sophisticated!'" (Fitzgerald 22).This shows that Daisy is at the top of the social ladder. Daisy's status allows her to expand her knowledge. Her statement portrays on the…show more content…
Through their status of women caring about their wealth and acceptance, and how women use their beauty as an advantage in order to live a overall better life and their personalities towards men, and how these women in novel achieved the 'American Dream' in a much different way than it should be. By hard working and achieve the success but these characters, Daisy, Myrtle and Jordan were able to achieve their ideal American Dream through their status, beauty and
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