Daisy's Ambition In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby was born in a poor family in the twentieth century. At that time, American dream was a very popular word among the young men just like Gatsby. Its core meaning explaining that anyone in the United States, so long as with enough effort, can enjoy a better life. Because of the deep influence affected by it, he had a great ambition to win wealth and position. He thought that, as long as making arduous efforts and struggling for them, he would achieve his dream definitely. His infinite power has been inspired. In order to shake off poverty, at first he joined the army. During the time of serving, Gatsby fell in love with Daisy who was a daughter of a rich businessman. And in his eyes, Daisy’s living style and her beauty were the ideal incarnation that Gatsby was always dreaming of. But the relationship between them were not possible, because he did not have enough money to afford Daisy a luxuriant life. Later the cruel war made …show more content…

Is your it is you, isn't you of also demand not to come. Gatsby was not born in a good family, but he looks forward to good life. He claimed that he is the son of god and he can have anything through working hard. Actually this kind of idea is a bit exaggerated. It is not good for us to ask for too much to others even the society. Instead, we should appreciate all the time. Because after receiving, we will ask for more and more. .Human’s ambition was not satisfied forever. Gatsby's success in fortune is great, his strong will of achieving life goal is also great. He becomes the big name of the society, and becomes the upper class's deputy. Everyone is glad to come to his party, everyone admires his property, and everyone wants to be his friend, even Daisy has taken much notice of him and falls in love with him again. Gatsby is also great when he loses his life in order to protect Daisy from the accident. He is too great to think that he could get the

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