How Did The American Dream Affect The Great Gatsby

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American dream became important for the people who were affected by the First World War. It showed effects in the personal as well as the private lives of the people , it affected the economical conditions and also the political parties. After the end of this war , it left people in a deep state of remorse and suffering. People could not realized the true sense of happiness and had to face difficulties and problems in their lives. Prior to this war, people had different views of their values such as women had to think twice before taking any decision and they could not think of playing a role of a boss. But the things got a new turn after the end of this war and also the value system changed. People were asked to think from a new perspective.…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald, T.S Eliot , Ernest Hemingway and Ezra Pound. They used to talk and discuss ideas with each other. They were concerned about the social changes which they were undergoing. They had a modernist approach in their writings and only wrote from what they have gone through. The novel The Great Gatsby is a modernist work by Fitzgerald. He projected the theme of American dream in this novel where people’s main motive was to live a luxurious life. The writers tries to combine the concept of American dream with the modernist approach and tells us that what is the true meaning of this dream for the people and how they have lost the basic concept of this dream. The American dream which Gatsby follows is to achieve Daisy who he loves the most but can not have her due to the changing situation. Daisy represents a modernistic woman who is very different from other women. The women of those times had to behave in a good manner and were very strict about their values but Daisy was a complete opposite. She thought that if men can have multiple relationships so why can’t women and this is the reason why she had an illicit relationship with Gatsby even after she was married to Tom. Her approach towards the values were completely flawed. Gatsby very well knew that Daisy is already married and still had gone for chasing his American dream. For now Gatsby has acquired everything by having a big house with lots of money , he
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