Jack Quinns

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The Pub: Half a country and an ocean away from the public houses of Ireland, Jack Quinn’s is an establishment constructed as an ode to the traditional atmosphere of Irish pubs. These themed bars are notorious for their stereotypical form: dim lit bars that are often too small, covered in 4-leaf clover and Guinness signs from floor to ceiling. Jack Quinn’s wrangles at the bigger picture of pubs; they aren’t supposed to strive for a simple image, but a destination to socially drink and enjoy the company of others. However, Jack Quinn’s does not avoid the decorative aspects of this bar genre. Gentle lamps are scattered across the ceiling, coating the original wood and brick of the 133-year-old building in yellow tones. The building was converted from a historic storefront. In the renovation, they used “100% imported Irish woodwork, stained glass, and décor,” to compliment the original construction. The dark walnut colored tables and bar detailing are covered with jerseys, table wear, empty bottles and tins, creating an animated texture on the walls. It is similar to how I would expect an elderly yard sale to look like glued to walls, creating an aged homeliness to the space. …show more content…

On Monday nights you can stop by for Biskey Specials (a Pint and a Shot) at their weekly Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night, or if you want to earn that beer first, drop by on a Tuesday to partake in the Jack Quinn’s Runners’ Club for discounts on Odell brews. Sunday and Thursday nights feature live Irish music, and Wednesday and Friday nights have other rotating live music performances. Jack Quinn’s commitment to its entertainment is as invigorating as its array of drinks (which is pretty

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