Jacqueline Woodson

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Have you ever felt that your view of things change when you get older? Well, that’s how Jacqueline Woodson felt. As we grow and change, so do our perspectives on a variety of things that we experience in life. In the beginning, Woodson introduces that since she got older, her perspective of her once beloved home has changed as a central idea of the story. By observing how her character changes over the course of the plot, it seems evident that Woodson is trying to convey to the reader that a person’s view of things change as one gets older.

One inference to be made in the story is that the town that her family comes from is a small town where everybody knows each other and feels safe. “There, the friendly neighbors who knew us before we …show more content…

She saw white people when she went downtown or drove through their neighborhoods. In her Brooklyn school they said segregation was not happening anymore and all the people that stood up for their rights and all the struggling they did was a thing of the past. “I realized either Greenville was cheating or Brooklyn was lying”.

What Woodson is essentially trying to convey in this passage is that she realized that her view of Greenville changed as she got older. She thought of her “home” in Greenville as safe but after witnessing the segregation she realized that it wasn’t. They lived in a segregated neighborhood in a segregated town. They left “home” when she was 9 but she felt like “ home was turning its back on her without so much as a goodbye” This specific quote is important because it demonstrates now that she is older her perspective of Greenville changed since she was young.

In conclusion, there is little doubt that Greenville has changed. All in all, Woodson is trying to teach the reader that as we grow and change, so do our perspectives. In the beginning, Woodson felt warm, cozy feelings about her town but because of segregation this changed. In the end, Woodson realizes that she changed as well as her perspective. This story shows us that a person’s view and a person changes as they get

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