Anne Moody's Coming Of Age In Mississippi

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Coming Of Age in Mississippi

The Coming of Age in Mississippi is an autobiography about the life of Anne Moody a young black girl growing up in a rural town in Mississippi. Moody life was full of poverty, racism, violence and hard work at a very young age.

Thesis: Growing up as a black child in rural Mississippi during the 1950’s and 1960’s was very hard, especially for Anne Moody and her family. Her account of the hardship, prejudice, poverty and violence is very evidence in her account of life in a Mississippi town full of hatred and fear. It is clear throughout the book that Anne Moody had a destiny and no matter what it must be fulfilled.

1. Moody early childhood life was very hard for someone so young.
A. She started work at a very early age to help out her family.
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Sharecropping and farm life the main source of income during this time.
C. Moody took on a lot of responsibility in order to help her Mom financially.

2. Anne’s school life as a young girl influenced her adult life.
1. Anne was a very good student.
2. Anne name was changed from Essie Mae to Anne Mae by accident.
3. Anne learned about the NAACP when she was in school from a teacher and from Whites.

3. Mood gets involved in the civil rights movement while she is a college student at Tougaloo College.
1. Moody participated in various civil right activities.
2. Anne involvement with Civil Rights movement gives us a very good account of what people in the movement had to endure.
3. In the conclusion of the book the little boy that gets on the bus was excited but Moody seems to be very indifferent as if she has lost all

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