Summary Of Coming Of Age In Mississippi

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Summary: Anne Moody, “Coming of Age in Mississippi,” Dial Press, 1968
The book starts off with the setting at Carter Plantation. In this plantation the family lives in a shack that ends up getting burned down because of George Lee. George Lee burns the house down on accident trying to scare Anne, who in the book is known as Essie Mae. After this, their father leaves them for a mixed woman and her mother is left to support their family. As Essie Mae grows up she sees and watches her mother work herself to death to support her family and that encourages Essie Mae to do her best in school. Essie is in high school when older men and guys her own age start to notice her because she wears jeans too tight since she can’t afford to buy new ones. Later on, Essie changes her name to Annie Mae because she doesn’t like and starts becoming interested in the NAACP because of the racial problems around her. She wants to change things around her, but her mother is becoming a problem since her changing her name. After a while, she leaves her home with her mother and moves in with her father and his new wife Emma. This is where she gets a scholarship to Natchez College and she accepts it. After two years she transfers to Tugaloo where she becomes …show more content…

I say this because she is excluded by many for different things, yet they are still the same. One of the main things that I found really wrong was the way she was excluded by Raymond’s mother by just being black. At one point in history, mixed people were really looked down upon, yet the way Anne tells it, the blacks were the low of the low. Her family is excluded by Raymond’s mother and it causes a lot of pain and upbraid for her. Another way she is excluded is when she joins the NAACP, her family drops her pretty much because she was asked not to do and then she is excluded by whites even more because she is fighting against

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