Summary Of Age In Mississippi By Anne Moody

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Rachel Messina Mark Carson HIST 2057 November 23, 2015 Coming of Age in Mississippi Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody is an autobiography that looks into the life of an African-American female during the civil rights movement of the 40's, 50's and 60's. A history of our time, seen from the bottom up, through the eyes of someone who decided for herself that things had to be changed. She overcomes obstacles such as discrimination and hunger as she struggles to survive childhood in one of the most racially discriminated states in America. In telling the story of her life, Moody shows why the civil rights movement was such a necessity and the depth of the injustices it had to correct. Moody's autobiography depicts the battle all southern …show more content…

Her family comes into play with the Civil Rights movement because they are threatened with it. They are threatened by whites and after Anne’s family member gets shot and her dad is the only one making an income for the family, it all becomes a struggle. It was a dangerous time and an even more dangerous place for Anne to get involved in the organization, but she knew she had to follow her heart. Moody’s actions shaped her commitment in to the Civil Rights movement immensely. Ever since she was a little girl things were rough and that is what molded her into becoming what she did. She was practically raised by Toosweets eight year old brother, who hit her and her little sister and burned their house down trying to scare them with a match. She and her sister often only ate bread and beans that were provided from table scraps. She and her sister rarely got to see their mother and father except on Sundays around six at night, that really drove Anne to become the women she became. Growing up and being discriminated against your whole life for the color of your skin really takes a tole on a kid. In fear of being killed in class at Louisiana State University where it was only thirty-five dollars a semester, she decided to stay in Mississippi, this also gave her strong feelings towards the movement. However when she started to get involve in the movement her grades started to slip her junior year of college and she ended up having to take loans out so she could take classes to pick her GPA

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