Rosa Parks Individualism Research Paper

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Individualism in History The 1950’s were a troubled time full of hatred and anger in all directions. The Civil Rights movement was in action and gaining momentum quickly. Many of the people we now look back on and respect were once unaccepted. The individuals who were not afraid to stick up for their own rights and the rights of others are a big reason we no longer deal with segregation. We now respect those who sacrificed much of their time on earth to give us the freedom and liberty we have today. Rosa Parks is an example of one of these people; she lived in a difficult time period for African Americans, took a stand anyways, and is now remembered as an American hero for her courage to be an individual. Many people frowned upon individuality…show more content…
She lost her job the same year as the bus incident, was charged and fined for breaking the law, and heavily harassed for her actions. There is a price to pay for individuality, but the difference she made shaped history. The strength she showed on the bus is highly respected by many today, although she paid a price for it at the time. Without individuals, there would be no one to fix problems in society. Courageous humans who aren’t afraid to question the norm and be looked down upon for what they know is right are the reason we have come so far in America and will hopefully continue to do so. Heroes, like Rosa Parks, are an inspiration. Being an individual in the moment can feel uncomfortable, especially if your actions are not approved by other people. However, individuality is often the beginning of a huge change in our world. People like Rosa Parks led the way for our country to improve for all of its citizens. Despite the hard time period and backlash she received for standing up for herself and other blacks, she is now one of the most admired women we remember in America. Her individualism paved the way for a better life for many
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