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Jane Austen's life is something people would think came straight out of one of her works. While she grows up she is encouraged to be creative. She came from a big family and they were all very close. As she grows up she has her issues with her writing, family, and love life. Much of her life is just like the characters she writes about. Jane is one of the greatest writers in English history.

As a child Jane had a loving father named George Austen and loving mother Cassandra Austen. Her father was a reverend of the Steventon rectory. However he also tried farming and would teach children to gain more money for his very large family. Jane was 1 of 7 and her parents second daughter. Her brothers and sisters are (in order they were born) James, …show more content…

A nephew of a neighbor named Tom LeFroy begins to visit Steventon. He is studying in London to be an attorney. He and Jane begin spending time together which causes both family to take notice. In letters to her sister she admits her love for him, one of the only times she has said she loved someone. However Tom's family wanted him to focus on his education because they were supporting him financial. So his family sent him away. When he would come back to visit the family would go to great lengths to keep him away from Jane causing her to never see him again,maybe making her loose her one true love. Shortly after she finishes her schooling she begins to write First Impressions later known as the Pride and the Prejudice. At the age of 27 her father retires and moves the whole family to Baths. In December of 1802 Jane receives a marriage proposal from family friend Harris Bigg-Wither. He is well off and is going to inherit a large estate. Jane saw a good opportunity to help her family and she agrees to the marriage. But the next day she takes it back because she does not care for him or love him. Years later her niece asks her for relationship advice and she states “Simply do not wed if affection is not there” (Jane Austen). Just like in her books where the girl does not marry for money and power, she did not as

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