Jane Roe On Abortion Essay

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Jane Roe was pregnant and unmarried in the state of Texas in which it was illegal to receive an abortion unless her life is at stake. Roe said she has the right decide whether to have an abortion or not to have an abortion. According to the Court, privacy is important and one of the principal values of the Bill of Rights. C. Vote count 7-2. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment did not have the intent to protect privacy, and protect the decision-making of a woman. The reason why the court did this because the justice believes the state does have a reasonable reason for enforcing the law of rejecting abortion. It was a way to protect the health of the mother and the life of the baby. Even though it does not have an effect in the beginning; however, it gradually worsens as the baby grows older. D. Would the constitution accept women to have an abortion? …show more content…

I agree with the court’s decision because abortion is irrevocably bad. As a catholic and as a person, abortion is killing people, and by granting people the right to abortion is intentionally killing young people every day. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if they want themselves to live every day, then why kill? I know people have the freedom of doing what they believe is “right”; however, some people across the world are willing to have children, but can never have one. Even if you are poor or it’s against your family values, no one should give up a child and take their child’s life for

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