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This memoir is about Jeannette Walls, telling her life story about how she grew up. Her family, her environment, and how it all turned out for her. It was based in the mid 1900’s and it starts off with Jeannette being a grown woman. Then she goes into what happened to her throughout her childhood, and how it all affected her. Jeannette benefited a lot from her childhood, because it made her stronger. Not at all how her parents are now. The first part is Jeannette of about 3 years old and up. How she got burnt for the first time, how she almost lost her parents because she fell out of the car. All of this is important because Jeannette has gotten past it so much, that she created this book to tell everyone about her story. That no matter what you grew up with, there is no excuse for turning out the way you don’t want to be. Jeannette is very optimistic about everything, and maybe even a little gullible. Granted she is just a little girl in the beginning of the book, but she always seemed to give her parents the benefit of the doubt, especially her father. When she …show more content…

He did a lot of things on impulse. When Jeannette burned herself, pretty badly, he cared enough to come into a hospital, something he despised. Rex got her out quick though, without being discharged. He was too proud to do anything that was considered legal. Those actions reflected on his kids, and even his wife. The woman that did basically the same thing her husband does. Seeing the bad in every situation. These parents tried to see the good, but it never turned out that way. They didn’t like anything that was related to the government. This caused them to put their children through trauma, but without them even knowing it. These kids have experienced so much at such a little age, they don’t know how to feel. Or if it is right or wrong. This is the outcome of how Jeannette’s parents were raised as

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