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Jeff coffin is an internationally recognized saxophonist, bandleader, composer and educator. He is a three time Grammy Award winner with Bela Fleck and the Fleckstones. He was born in August 5,1965. Futureman is an inventor, scientist, musician and a composer. He is a two time Grammy Award winning performer with Bela Fleck and the Fleckstones. He was born in October 13,1957. Jeff Coffin is a member of Dave Matthews Band. Jeff Coffin and the Mu 'tet, founded the Nashville Jazz Composers Collective. Performing Artist, Coffin has presented over 300 solo and Mu 'tet to Perth, Australia to Johannesburg, South Africa to students of all ages to rave reviews. Living in Nashville, TN since 1991, Coffin graduated with a music education degree from the prestigious University of North Texas in 1990. A number of Jeff 's compositions have been published as big band arrangments through the University of Northern Colorado Jazz Press. Jeff is also an avid photographer and he sees …show more content…

I went to youtube and the video is called "Dave Matthews Band-#41 Jeff Coffin Sax Solo." In his solo, he played beautifully and he seems very affectionate when he plays on stage. You can see the passion of him playing on stage in his face, his body language and his sound. For Futureman I went on youtube and the video was called, "Future Man Solo-Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Music Festival 12/12/2009." The video was interesting, it was weird how the Drumitar looked. I noticed that he pressed these buttons that was on the neck of the guitar and every button he pressed made a drum sound. The questions I would like to ask Jeff and future man is, what kind of struggles they went through to get to this point? When things got hard in music, what did you do to make it easier? Why did you choose to be in band? A question for Jeff I wanted to ask was, Why did you choose the saxophone? A question for Futureman I wanted to ask was, Why did you decide to make your own instrument? How did you make the

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