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Stocks Calvert 6th Hour District Performance Event Jimmy Valentine was one of the biggest thieves in the early 20th century. He stole other men's money and kept it for himself. Jimmys life seemed hopeless after he started robbing banks right after he had been pardoned out of jail… until he stepped into a town called Elmore. After Jimmy arrived in Elmore he was truly dedicated to living a moral life; Jimmy did not rob any bank for a year after he arrived, he was going to give up his very expensive robbing tool set, and he changed his name and personality because he was in love with Mrs. Annabel Adams. Once Jimmy Valentine went to in the very small town of Elmore, many things changed. One of those things was that he did not rob or steal anybody else’s money for over a year. “I've quit the old business--a year ago” (a letter Jimmy sent his friend Billy). The reason Jimmy did not steal anybody's money was because he was was too busy with Annabel. In the year that Jimmy was in Elmore, he had fell in love, dated, and engaged Mrs. Adams. Another reason Jimmy did not steal was he was too focused on his very successful shoe business. Many people in Elmore would buy Jimmy’s shoes. Lastly, Jimmy was …show more content…

He may of been told he was marrying a bankers daughter just to steal money. Jimmy did not engage for money, but he engaged because he was in love, “I tell you Billy, she's an angel!” (Jimmy's letter to Billy). People might say Jimmy still had not given away the tools and he was going to rob banks. He was going to give the tools away but had to save his niece, Agatha. Others may say that Jimmy Valentine changed his name to Ralph D. Spencer just to have a new name to rob with. Jimmy did not change his name for that reason, but instead to have a different name than a huge crook while trying to get Annabel to fall in love with him. Jimmy was truly dedicated to starting off

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