John Brown: Abolitionist Man

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Maysun Moore October 7, 2015 Mrs. Olsen AP US History John Brown Essay John Brown, a common abolitionist man born on May 9, 1800 who is mainly known for his raid at Harpers Ferry in the year of 1859. Brown belonged to a family with a hatred of slavery. He himself also had a burning hatred of slavery, he showed this by helping some slaves escape in to free land using the Underground Railroad, providing schooling for them, and he also risked his life to free them. Most people considered Brown a man that was a “symbol of his time” because of the heroic actions he made to try and free the slaves. While aiding the slaves with schooling and the Underground Railroad, Brown and his family faced serious debt problems and family fatalities. Between …show more content…

The North saw him as a flawed-filled hero in history, while the South viewed him as the reason for the Black Republican, and the Republican Party winning in the following year’s election. The south was so infuriated that Senator Jefferson Davis said that the contender for the 1860 Republican Party presidency should have been hanged right along with Brown. Mr. Seward’s political popularity sank, but that didn’t worry the Republicans one bit. Abraham Lincoln was also running for presidency for the 1860 elections. Brown made Lincoln surely to win the nomination for the President of 1860 by his actions he took in 1859. Just six days after Browns sentence, the famous Ralf Waldo Emerson gave a speech in the Boston Music Hall on courage. Emerson reflected his speech towards Browns courageous acts he took to free the slaves of the United States. The Northerners turned a new leaf towards Brown and started seeing him as a pure man who was a new saint. The day before Brown’s execution, he was able to meet up with his wife for one last time. They hugged in silent for quite some time and then he finally told her to live on, and what was happening was for the best for everyone. The day for the execution came, it was time for brown to be hanged on the southeast edge of Charles Town. The town had Thomas Jackson there to guard the place with his cadets. Robert E. Lee stood with his soldiers as the bridges and along the river. The place was surrounded. There was no way Brown could escape. No one was allowed to enter the city but for the exception of a few

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