John D. Rockefeller And George Eastm Captains Of Industry

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John D. Rockefeller and George Eastman were captains of industry because they were philanthropists and innovators. Rockefeller founded oil and produced many companies and opportunities to strike it rich. Rockefeller would end up hitting it rich from the oil and go onto being one of the wealthiest men in the world. The oil would be exported to be sold for gas, and that would boost the steel industry. The oil from John D. Rockefeller would be sold to Andrew Carnegie, the owner of the steel industry. The development of the oil industry lead to oil being used in the automobile (steel) industry. Oil was also used for heating, it was quick and more efficient than the regular coal. Aside from Rockefeller, George Eastman was also another innovator because …show more content…

Before taking photos were a struggle but thanks to Mr. George Eastman we now don't have to carry all the equipment that was needed. People would be able to capture more memories. In addition to being innovators John D. Rockefeller and George Eastman were also philanthropists (People who donated money). Before Rockefeller died he gave away ½ of his money to churches, medical foundations, universities, and centers for art. Mr.Rockefeller donated $235,000,000 to the Rockefeller foundation. In addition, he also donated $50,000,000 to the General Education Board to help raise academic salaries. This man was one of the richest men in the world, who didn't spend money on himself for things he didn't need. Instead he gave it away to other people who weren't as lucky as Rockefeller. Similar to Rockefeller, George Eastman was also a well known philanthropist. Eastman promise that ⅓ of his holdings of the company would go to his employees, back then that was worth about $10 million. For example, Mr.Eastman donated $2.5 million dollars to dental clinics for children because he thought they would be better in

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