John Ford's The Good Soldier

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Ford’s career indeed was like a roller coaster. As soon as Ford reached success, something would bring him back down. Yet, everything Ford went through helped him get back in his feet. For example, the war experience from War World 1 helped Ford construct an amazing novel called Parade's End. This novel was based on his experiences he had on the war. Also, his personal life and the wars helped him write The Good Soldier. The Good Soldier was based on his relationship wife his ex wife which hurt and affected Ford tremendously. As a result, Ford wrote The Good Soldier based on characters and scenarios he went through. This novel written by Ford is well written because of the techniques used to describe the characters as different from what they …show more content…

This race was based on who could create the most deadliest weapons and the strongest military. The winner of this race would become a world power. Consequently, many countries got worried and began to form alliances. These alliances only made the atmosphere more tenses starting a war. This war introduced new weapons and warfares. The innovations only increased the casualties in the war. On the other hand, Ford fell in love with writing. He pursued a education in writing and began writing his first novel at a young age. Ford continued writing many novels throughout his twenties. Just before his thirtieth birthday, Ford suffered from a nervous breakdown due to the tense atmosphere he was under. Yet, Ford made the best out of his condition by recreating a character in the same hoes he was in. This novel helped Ford pull himself out of the hole he was in. Just before Ford once again reached his highest success, his personal life once again brought him down. At this moment, Ford decided to join the war in order to escape from his problems. In the war, Ford gained experiences that helped him write one of his best novels, Parade’s End. This novel brought Ford to success was again. Therefore, Ford’s career had many ups and downs that made his career look like a rollercoaster. This novel was based on characters that had titles because of their career or their family. Yet, this character's actions were different from what expected. The

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