John Proctor Character Analysis

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John Proctor is another character who encounters the effects of groupthink trying to define him. John is a local farmer who is married to Elizabeth Proctor and is a very strong and independent man. He also fears that people will associate his name with sin, which may impact his decision not to plead guilty to witchcraft. Acknowledging that he tries to be a man of God, he confessed to having an affair with Abigail, which jeopardized his marriage and put his reputation of being a man of God at risk. Therefore, why would he not confess to being involved with witchcraft if the price was his life?

Danforth, pointing at the confession in Proctor’s hand: Is that document a lie I will not accept it! What say you? I will not deal in lies. Mister! Proctor is motionless. You will give me your honest confession in my …show more content…

Proctor does not reply. Which way do you go, Mister?

His breast heaving, his eyes staring ,Proctor tears the paper and crumples it and he is weeping in fury but erect.(143-144)
Through John Proctor's actions he saves his self worth and individual acceptance despite the consequences of losing his life. Due to the fact that the people in Salem will only accept your confession if you admit you did it and sign off on it, when John proctor tears up the document that states he was involved with witchcraft. He is satisfied with his decision, as he is an individual. If he goes against the group by denying the accusations, he is in more trouble than agreeing and joining the group by confessing to it and blaming another, which continues the cycle, revealing the danger of groupthink. Knowing that the people who do confess and are considered “innocent” in the eyes of society and still have the opportunity to live have no ability to be individual if others dictate

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