John Proctor Flaws

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John Proctor is a complex character. In The Crucible by Authur Miller it shows how people in a community that believed in witchcraft and have personal grudges against each other can end badly. John Proctor is not a perfect protagonist but shows that he is willing to do what is right to stop all the bewitching in Salem. John Proctor's character flaw is that he cannot forgive himself. The only thing John Proctor had left was his name. John Proctor was a tragic hero.
John Proctor's character flaw is that he cannot forgive himself. John is on trial in act four and the only thing he has to do is sign his name. John knows that what he has done is sinful and knows that “God knows how black his sins are” ( Miller 211). Committing adultery is a horrible …show more content…

John Proctor realizes that he can sign his name to witchcraft and have public shame for the rest of his life. Palmer knows that “public shame cannot be avoided if he is to act in defense of the wife he loves” (Palmer 34). John knows that he has nothing left, he can’t agree to witchcraft and keep his land. John also cannot sign his name to the paper and have his life, so either way John Proctor will lose everything with his decision. But, the only he will have if he rips the sheet up is his name posted on the church and have his reputation destroyed. John Proctor is a courageous man to not take Judge Danforth's deal of signing the witchcraft paper and having it posted on the church. John stands up to Judge Danforth and doesn’t let him persuade him to not rip the paper up. The only thing John wants is his name not in vain and has already “given you my soul; leave me my name” ( Miller 211). John Proctor has lied about witchcraft and tells them that they have his soul and doesn’t want anything else besides his name not dragged through the dirt. Salem is built on reputation in society and social class. John Proctor doesn’t want his reputation to be in society because then he wouldn’t have any respect in the town if he decides to Judge Danforth’s deal. John Proctor only has one thing left and it is his

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