John Proctor The Crucible

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The controlling nature of John Proctor towards those who work for him also reinforces the statement made by Vowell. Although Proctor is considered to be a good man, he reveals a tendency to be controlling towards his servants. When Mary Warren comes running towards the Proctors’ home after attending the trial, John Proctor tries to force her to testify against Abigail Williams in court. He says, “You will tell the court how that poppet come here and who stuck the needle in” (Miller, Act 2). Proctor is very menacing as he delivers his dialogue. In the film, Proctor is shown to physically throttle Mary Warren in order to force her to follow his commands. This evidently illustrates that Proctor believes that his commands are very important, and therefore thinking that he is correct in those situations. Due to the fact that he believes that he is almost always ultimately correct, it shows that Puritanical beliefs and the US’ visions of themselves are connected. Just as John Proctor credits his …show more content…

On August 8, 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. This was the world’s first deployed atomic bomb, and it had devastating effects on the citizens of Japan. Immediately 80,000 individuals were killed, and thousands later died from radiation exposure. The United States is only nation to have ever used atomic ordnance in warfare (“Atomic Bomb Dropped”). This event in history supports that the United States’ decision to drop such calamitous weapons on Japan are due to their superior view of themselves. It is almost as if the United States was able make such an impactful conclusion to the war due to a belief that they are “God’s chosen people” and that their decisions are often correct, whether ethical or

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