Julius Caesar Character Analysis

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Government officials are expected to state their opinions on important subjects. This supposed transparency should allow citizens to assume how politicians will act once in power. Yet this outward appearance does not always convey all of their thoughts. Some actions, purely for public image, conceal the thoughts inside their minds and create a false appearance. This display of how people want to be seen is defined as a facade. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, a tragedy, William Shakespeare creates facades for the historical figures he uses as characters. Although the audience knows the disguises for most characters, they have no choice but to watch them fail. The decline of powerful politicians makes this play a tragedy. In order to remain strong to the citizens of Rome and their enemies, Cassius, Caesar and Antony put up facades to mask their motives. During the play, the conspirators attempt to predict what kind of leader Caesar will become after he gains the title of dictator. In the beginning of the play, Caesar notices Brutus speaking with Cassius at the race. Since Caesar is now such a powerful ruler, he starts to fear what may be occurring and voices his concern, “Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look / He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous” (I.ii.204-205). Caesar keeps up a facade throughout his leadership and rarely lets himself show unease. After stating his worry over Cassius, Caesar attempts to rebuild his facade of strength by claiming, “I rather tell

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