Juror Four Argumentative Essay

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9) The testimony of the woman who lived across the el tracks a) The woman testified that she witnessed the murder being committed through the window of her home and the moving el train while in bed. Juror Four recollected that the woman “‘went to bed at about eleven o’clock that night. Her bed was next to the window—and she could look out while lying down and see directly into the boy’s window across the tracks. She tossed and turned for over an hour, unable to fall asleep. Finally, she turned toward the window at about ten minutes after twelve, and, as she looked out, she saw the killing through the windows of the passing el train. She says that the lights went out immediately after the killing but that she got a good look at the boy in the …show more content…

Nevertheless, the defendant could not identify what movies he saw nor the actors and/or actresses that starred in the films. Juror Eight questioned Juror Four, the person who was critical towards the defendant’s alibi, whether he was “‘able to remember details after an upsetting experience such as being struck in the face by your father?’” (Rose 56). After Juror Four claimed that he could recall specific aspects while under intensive stress, Juror Eight questioned Juror Four about his daily life before today, which consisted of going to the movies. Juror Four appeared to struggle to name the movies and the individuals that starred in the films without any emotional stress. Therefore, Juror Nine was able to conclude that “‘that no one can prove he wasn’t. He might have been at the movies and forgotten what he saw. It’s possible. If it’s perfectly normal for this gentleman to forget a few details, then it’s also perfectly normal for the boy. Being accused of murder isn’t necessarily supposed to give him an infallible memory.’” (Rose 58). Therefore, this psychological evidence would be enough to establish that the boy could have been at the movies at the time of the

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