Karl Heinrich Marx's Theory Of Capitalism And Marxism

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Marx is known to be the person behind the theory of Marxism and communism and one of the most influential socialist thinkers at his time. He was a German Philosopher, Economist, Sociologist, Historian, Journalist and mostly known as a Revolutionary. Marx is basically known as the co-author of the pamphlet titled “Manifesto of the Communist Party” with his comrade Frederick Engels. On the other hand, a new religion has arisen which proclaims that History is God and Karl Marx its chief prophet.
Karl Heinrich Marx was born on May 5, 1818 in Trier, Rheinish Prussia, where he received a classical education. He was the oldest son of a Jewish lawyer and the descendant of a long line of rabbis. He belonged to petty-bourgeois family. The young Marx’s was influenced by his father by his own rational and humanitarian inclinations. He was also influenced by Ludwig Von Westphalen which soon became his father-in-law. He studied jurisprudence at University of Bonn in 1835 at the age of 17 and later in University of Berlin, with a major on history and philosophy, where his concern with philosophy soon turned him away from law.
At the University of Berlin, the philosophy of Hegel was popularly known and Marx’s itself was deeply impress by its idealism and dynamic view of history. He joined the left Hegelians which sought a materialistic and revolutionary conclusion from Hegel’s philosophy, the key to a new understanding of human nature, the world, and history.
Marx left Berlin. In 1843
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