Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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The Awakening Review Kate Chopin was the start to women’s feminism. She daringly wrote a controversial and some-what erotic book well before it was acceptable for critics to approve. She lived what some would call a short life. Dying at the youthful age of 54, Chopin created a pathway for writers even well after her time. She was bold and articulate. She was brave in her writings and was a leading author to the start of feminism. Chopin’s most popular pieces was known as The Awakening, published in 1899, just five years before her unfortunate death. The Awakening first took place in Grand Isle, Louisiana. Edna, the main character, and her family spent the summer at the island, just right outside of their home in New Orleans, Louisiana. Edna, …show more content…

While others thought he was the perfect husband, she was always miserable and unhappy. Leonce loved to play billiards and spend most nights at the country club, while Edna would rather him be away. Leonce loved her dearly and would shower her with gifts, yet it never seemed to be good enough. Robert Lebrun was a younger man, who spent each summer following a different woman around and becoming intrigued with their ways. He chose Edna to be the woman of the summer. He was warned by other women to stay away from her, but he still chose to follow her. They spend most of their times swimming at the beach. However, Edna was not a strong swimmer and had to be taught by her friends. Once she finally learned, she swam into the ocean, leaving the group she was with behind. Learning to swim became an epiphany for her. It was her “awakening”. After much of Robert’s time spent with Edna, she becomes infatuated with him. He always spoke about travelling to Mexico, yet the obsession Edna had for Robert finally gave him enough reason to go. He left without telling her goodbye and made her very sad. Once they got back to New Orleans, Edna still asked questions about Robert and learned he had written his mother and a friend, yet she never got a letter and made her angrier and became more …show more content…

However, Edna refused. She did what she wanted to do when she wanted, and never played the roles he expected. Leonce grew frustrated at her defiance and reached out to a Physician to evaluate her psychiatric state. He promised to disguise her by having the doctor over for dinner. Although the doctor agreed, he felt like she was drifting away from Leonce and would not be surprised if she had a wondering eye.
Edna begins to spend less and less time away from home. The children go away to their grandmother and Leonce out of town for work, Edna spends more time with Alcee Arobin. She allows Alcee to kiss and touch her, which triggers her sexual awakening again for Robert. However, she still sees Alcee and has a sexual encounter with him. Edna moves out of the family home stating she has no real connection with it. She finds a house just around the block. She still sees Alcee, yet has an intense desire for Robert. She hears Robert is coming to town for a visit, yet he does not reach out to her. She ran into him by accident and professed her love for him. However, he does say he loves her as well he says the relationship would not

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