Kazuo Ishiguro Ethics

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Jinjing Han
Professor Slovis
December 3, 2014
English Composition 102

Ethics of Human Cloning With the birth of the first cloned mammal in the world, human cloning became a possibility. The discussion of whether human cloning should be studied never stops from this time. Kazuo Ishiguro expressed his idea on this topic, in his novel "Never Let Me Go" which is a book that exploring life of cloning. In his books, through Kathy H's narration, suggests that biologically engineered beings should be classified as human. Ishiguro argues that clones are also human, who should be treated the same as a normal person, and it is dehumanizing to clone for organs donation purpose. In the book, Ishiguro successfully shows cloned students in Hailsham are …show more content…

The best pieces of artworks among students were collected and place in an art gallery, which plays a major role in the lives of the students in Hailsham. When Kathy meets with one of her teachers years after leaving Hailsham, she is been told by the teacher of the reason of taking their artwork which is that "we took away your art because we thought it would reveal your souls. Or to put it more finely, we did it to prove you had souls at all"(Ishiguro201). If a clone is just copy from other original human physically, they should be just a walking dead without a soul. However, if a clone have a soul, he or she should be considered the same as human beings. The connection of art and humanity is also mention by Journal For Spiritual &Consciousness Studies, saying that "Aesthetics, the creation and appreciation of beauty that allows us to express our most positive emotions, is a component of the human psyche that is essential for most of us"(241 Jones). Aesthetics, as an ability of …show more content…

Although Hailsham is designed to prove that clones humanity of and students in Hailsham receive better education than others clones, they are still being treated dehumanized. Not only people in the society do not think they are human, but also some teacher does not treat them as normal people. A teacher once says to them that "Poor creatures. I wish I could help you. But now you're by yourselves"(Ishiguro 210).Usually, "creatures" is a word that refers to animals, instead of people. but the teacher in Hailsham calls them creature which means they do not treat them as original people as themselves. Hailsham wants to prove that clones are human beings, but now, even teachers in Hailsham don’t think so. Even for student in Hailsham are receiving dehumanized education, not to mention other clones in the world. They will be treated as a bunch of cells and raised up only for donation purpose. People even feel bad killing animals for food, now they are so cold blood to kill clones, who are same as human, for people's own good. This is absolutely

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