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Imagine feeling like the whole world is constantly against you, feeling trapped in your own body or having the constant fear of everyone judging you. Kelsey Patterson was executed on May 18, 2004. He was convicted of the murder of 63-year-old Louis Oates, the owner of an oil company, and 41-year-old Dorothy Harris, who was Oates's secretary. Good Morning/afternoon teachers and students today I am going to talk about Schizophrenia.Now you might be asking, Why, What might have led this man to commit such a gruesome crime. People with schizophrenia often don't realize that they are unwell or struggling from a mental disorder so they neglect the fact and continuously suffer by themselves. Which is why it's important for people to have friends or family to watch over them. Unfortunately some people don't have people to rely on or take care of them. Patteson lived in Palestine, Texas with his roommate in August 5th 1992, until One night he told his roommate he would never see him again and walked out the front yard with a 38.caliber pistol all the way to Oates Oil Co, where the owner, Louis Oates, was standing on the loading dock. Patterson then walked up behind …show more content…

Schizophrenia contains distortion in thinking, perception, emotion and behavior. Schizophrenia is usually caused by a combination of genetics, brain chemistry and environmental contributes.There are many symptoms of schizophrenia that vary depending on age. Teenagers show symptoms similar to adults, such as withdrawal from friends and family. Bad school performance, sleeping trouble, also depressed moods and lack of motivation. Symptoms usually turn into delusions, hallucinations, abnormal thinking and behavior. Although teenagers are less likely to have delusions and more likely to have visual delusions. Pregnancy and birth complications, like malnutrition or exposure to toxins, viruses may impact brain

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