Killing In Sharon E. Mckay's War Brothers

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Killing is an action that can never be undone. In the novel War Brothers, Sharon E. Mckay examines the impact of this action. War Brothers is a story about four children fighting for survival after their capture by the LRA. During their time in the LRA, they all learn what the true meaning of family is and how you have to look out for not only yourself but others too. There are three characters in the novel that are impacted in different ways by the choice to kill. While the experiences in the LRA influence Tony, Lizard and Jacob differently, it is the decision related to killing that ultimately impacts the individual the most.

The impact of killing doesn’t affect Lizard anymore because it's almost a daily thing. “You walk on your own or you die.” (Mckay 74) It just goes to show how much he cares about anybody anymore. Lizard is all fine and dandy about somebody …show more content…

When Tony grew up, he wanted to be a priest, but that all changed after the death of Adam. “I am Catholic. It is God’s commandment that I do not kill.” (Mckay 83) After all of that, Tony changed pretty dramatically. He started believing that killing was the answer and that the LRA was correct about everything. From that day on Tony was never the same again. After their escape, Tony decided to try new things. Those things lead Tony down a dark path never to return. He eventually caught the disease “Twoo Jonyo” or in English “AIDS”.

I believe that in the novel War Brothers, Sharon E. Mckay describes killing as change and what happens after you either commit or come close. She is very successful in describing this to her readers. I personally like the topic because change is a pretty big part in this book, that is because you see how the characters are before and after the LRA and how it has either matured you or created you into something you wouldn’t have even imagined you would

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