Lack Of Power In Antigone

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Too much power causes a negative effect and leads to selfish desires. When people with power do not get what they want they lash out. In the play Antigone, Creon who is appointed king threatens Sentry because he does not get what he wants. On line forty Creon tells Sentry “I’ll string you up alive, and there will be certain way to make you discover your employer before you die.” Creon shows his true self when his power is tested by sentry. This demonstrates the mindset of people with power. They immediately want to threaten others when their needs are not satisfied. They abuse their power and make people do things with the result of something life threatening if failing to do so. People crave power because they believe that it will benefit them in the long run, but it does not. Too much power and authority will lead to crookedness. People with power never stop striving for more. That can be a dreadful thing because people with that mentality will hurt anyone that comes in between their goal. There can be different reasons why people try to gain more power, either for riches or for popularity. Whatever the circumstance, both will lead to a negative fallout. …show more content…

There has been many of examples of people who had too much power and used it in a horrible way. One man who had power but used it in a horrible way is Adolf

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