Ap English Poetry And Coldplay Techniques

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Anyone can gain power, but not many can keep it without losing it quickly because of bad decisions. Many people let power go to their heads and end up losing everything they have. For example, Charles the first. Charles let the power he had take control of him and he ended up being executed. In The Count of Monte Cristo, Dumas writes about 3 powerful men who lose everything in the blink of an eye; Similarly Coldplay uses a king as an example to convey the same theme. Both Dumas and Coldplay use imagery and personification to convince the readers that power can be easily lost and leave people with nothing.
In the poem “Viva La Vida” Coldplay uses personification to help the readers understanding of how quickly the king lost his power.
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After wanting more and more power and not controlling himself, the king lost everything in the blink of an eye. He was kicked out of his own kingdom and left to work on the streets he once owned. The text connects with the theme because it is showing the reader how this king had everything he could wish for but wanted more power and ended up losing it all. In the same way as Coldplay used personification to convey the theme, Dumas also uses personification to convey the same theme in The Count of Monte Cristo. “Just as the carriage was passing beneath the arc of the gate a shot rang out and dark smoke floated out through one of the bedroom windows, which had been shattered by the force of an explosion” (Dumas 394-395). Dumas uses personification to help show the reader how Fernand, one of the most powerful and wealthy man in Paris, ended his life because he let his power go to his head. Fernand’s family left him and his name was dishonored. The text is referring to a gun shot which ended Fernand’s life while his wife and son, who were in the carriage, left him. Personification is not the only thing that Dumas and Coldplay use to help convince the readers that abuse of power can lead to destruction of one's …show more content…

He let his power go to his head which caused him to be overthrown from the title of king. Now he is left with no family or money. Similarly to Coldplay, Dumas also uses sight imagery to show power abuse. “Your life will be spared. Your two accomplices weren’t so lucky: one of them is insane and the other is dead! Keep the fifty thousand francs you have left” (Dumas 522). Dumas uses imagery to help convey the theme by showing Danglars, a very powerful and wealthy man, lose everything. Danglars was left with his fifty thousand francs, but lost his family, almost all his fortune, and ruined his family's name. He also turned to stealing and becoming a criminal because he wanted to keep as much money as he could. Danglars was power hungry and ended up losing everything and everyone he loved because he let his fortune and power go to his

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