Power In The Film 'The Perils Of Obedience'

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What kinda power does people really have. In the movies I 've watched and articles I have read shows me some very powerful things. Like listening to your teacher when they are completely wrong about the situation. Would you do something that would really injured a person in what you are going to do. It has told me people that are in charge made me believe we are controlled way too much by others? In experiments people can make other emotions run right thur them to do what they are told. It has also showed me that not just people have power but also does food. The power of people can affect people a lot, making them do thing they don 't want to do. The way people have power in “The Perils of Obedience” showed me the teacher and higher…show more content…
Next the power of the people working in a jail can have a lot of power. Like telling the prisoners what to do, putting them in cells that they don 't want to be in and making them follow the rules. That is just like a teacher telling you to do something. The power that people is unreal. In The Stanford Prison Experiment they use 10 prisoners and 11 guards that were regular people. This helped them find out the power that the guards have on the prisoners. The guards have told control at night. For example “After 10 P.M. lockup, toilet privileges were denied, so prisoners who had to relieve themselves would have to urinate or defecate in bucket provided by the guards.”.(pg 217) That shows how much power the guard have on prisoners. You also don’t know what they do with your human waste. They could let it sit in the bucket for day making the prison smell or they can dump it out. I would hate if I couldn 't go to the bathroom when I want to go if you didn’t know where the guards were taking it. Them make you use the restroom in a bucket is like shock someone for getting a question wrong. That shows the power that people have on others making them do something that they don’t want to do. The power that a person can have on you…show more content…
Finally the way people use their power is determined on the person that they are. You can the president of a company and make people do terrible job but could be the nicest person in the world or you could make people do easy job but be the meanest person. The power that some people have is unreal. Like you are a cop and you speed everywhere is unsafe to us people that follow the rule. It just amazes me that people with power can get away with so much. We can also say that “power doesn’t turn everyone into ruthless, immoral tyrants.”.(pg. 646) I believe that people use power because they have it and want to make people do their work for them. In the two previous paragraph helps me understand that people will listen to people with power. I believe that power is something people will obey because they know if they don’t do it that something bad will happen. Power will make people act differently to others and people can see that. When you act different people can tell that something is going on. I wouldn’t want people know that I got a raise if they have been there longer than me. That is just disrespectful and I wouldn’t want to do that. But why do people do it. To show off to other that they have more power now. It just gets me that power is something that people like showing off just like money. Who cares about if have more power than me or not. We are both have to work for thing. I think that power is a bad thing and a good thing at once. It show why people

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