King Creon's Negative Effect On Society

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Power is the ability to actor do something in a particular way. People who have too much power and abuse it, and turn their power into a negative power. Fear and tyranny are abused by people with power creating a negative effect on society. Leaders with a huge rule of power will abuse their role as a leader by creating a fearful environment. In the play, Antigone, King Creon punished Antigone for giving her brother, Polyneices a proper burial. Creon believes Eteocles devers the burl with honor but not Polyneices because Polynices attacked Thebes and his own brother, braking his exile. King Creon is furious upon hearing the news and accuses the sentry of being bribed and demands him to bring who ever broke his decree to him. Creon is a scary king because the sentries throw dice to decide who will tell King Creon this terribly bad news, no one wants to tell the him. Haemen, King Creon’s own son is afraid to confront his own dad that is actions are wrong. King Creon is a powerful king with a negative effect on the society because people fear him. …show more content…

In the Hunger Games the Capitol, led by President Snow is behind the brutal competition that took place annually, one boy and one girl are selected from each twelve districts and our sent to fight to the death. President Snow holds a tyrannical dictatorship which places the power in the people, the majority of whom makes the decisions. He holds total political and economic dominance over panem which is enforcing capital punishment and nuclear devastation.The Capital puts on the Hunger Games world wide to the twelve districts to the Capitol’s power and entertainment. President Snow is a powerful president creating a negative effect on

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