Critical Lens Essay On The Relationship Between Antigone And Creon

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“In the world below perhaps such action are no crime,” (595-596) says Antigone to Creon who overlooks the Gods. The Gods deem burial an act of justice among mankind, Antigone embodies the essence of the Gods. Themes of justice and righteousness are developed in Antigone by the dialogue between Creon and Antigone. Antigone’s reasoning is overshadowed by Creon’s unreasonableness, which highlights Creon’s characteristics. Antigone’s endeavor towards justice, and her eventual hanging, furthermore, advance the plot developing Creon’s character as a tragic hero. Antigone’s interactions with Creon highlights his angry, insulting, and unreasonable nature. Antigone reasons with Creon that her actions are justified by the Gods, as they would approve of her burial of Polyneices, her brother. He goes on to show his insulting, and disrespectful nature in his statements expressed in lines 549-550,” ...if she goes her way and …show more content…

When Creon is done interrogated Antigone, he sends her to be banished in a cavern, to be later killed. This sets into motion a chain reaction of opposers to Creon. Haemon, Creon's son, tells his father,”Then she’ll die-and in her death kill someone else.” Later on, a blind prophet prophecies Haemon’s death to Creon. Creon orders antigone to released from banishment, but is shocked to see she has hanged herself. Haemon is their with her sobbing, and when he sees Creon he attacks him. He misses and kills himself, bringing reddish color to antigone lifeless body. Word gets to Haemon’s mother and Creon’s wife and she kills herself with a small dagger. This is how the plot advances towards Creon coming to be a tragic hero. The plot moves from just Creon and Antigone to other characters forming a complex plot where many are affected, including

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