Haemon Vs Creon Essay

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“A city which belongs to just one man is no true city.” (lines 838-39) Throughout the play, Antigone, written by Sophocles, the character Haemon constantly tries to persuade his father, Creon, to listen to the people of his city and to become a more humble leader. Haemon’s words, actions, and ideas contrast with Creon’s character. Which results in the two characters having continual conflicting motivations. These conflicting motivations cause the characteristics of anxiety, anger, and selfishness to be highlighted within Creon’s character. Ultimately, these conflicting motivations develop Creon as a tragic hero by giving Creon his free choice that makes his downfall exclusively his own fault and the character interactions advance the plot by pushing King Creon to insanity and showing that even the King’s own family was trying to urge him to change his decree, and develops the theme of love and loyalty by showing the struggle between faith and family.

Through the words, actions, and ideas of Haemon, the visible contrast between Creon’s character and Haemon’s character are present. Creon’s inner anger, anxiety and selfishness cause him to lose sight …show more content…

Haemon’s misuse of words and actions, Creon’s development of a tragic hero, and the interactions between Haemon and Creon brings the reader to Creon’s eventual downfall. Fore he was to late, Antigone had hung herself, causing Haemon to follow through with his suicide out of love for his Antigone, in which causes Creon’s wife to kill herself as well. Making Creon realize how he destroyed everything he loved. Leaving him with nothing except a crumbling

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