Theme Of Love In Antigone

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Love is a powerful motivation it can even drive you into hating someone, love drives you to do even what you wouldn’t normally do. Creon makes a law that forbids anyone from burying Antigone’s brother. When she finds out she goes against the king and buries her brother. When he is informed about what happened he punishes her. Antigone kills herself and then his son kills himself when he finds out that his love had died. Antigone’s love is so great for her brother that she went against the king and buried him with religious rights. Then Haemon kills himself because Antigone had died and he wanted to be with her. In the end Creon’s wife killed herself because her son had died. Creon is perceived as the tragic hero of the play when he is talking …show more content…

Creon was completely blinded by his pride and power that he lost those closest to him. Starting with his son...“Then she’ll die-- and in her death kill someone else.”(Haemon; line 859). Creon thinks that his son is threatening him, and doesn’t pay attention to what his son is feeling towards Antigone. He doesn’t see the signs and advice his son gives. He lost his whole family his sons and wife. “ I killed you, my son, without intending to, and you, as well, my wife. How useless I am now.”(Creon; lines 188) Creon realizes it’s too late his mistakes, and now that he lost his family, he realizes he should of listened. All his family dead, he is now alone because he was blinded by his pride that he didn't listen.He realized too late of all the consequences that his ignorance brought upon him.

Throughout the play Antigone by Sophocles Creon is seen as a tragic hero, due to the fact that he is rude to others when they try to talk to him and acts childish when insulting others. When someone is trying to give him advice he lashes out and is ignorants he thinks that everyone that tries to give advice is wrong. Until it's too late is that he realizes that he should of listened, but his pride prevented him from doing so. Love is a strong feeling yet some people have a hard time seeing it. Some are too late to notice it and lose everything that is valuable towards

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